Meet our Personal Trainers!




Omar Lugo

 Omar has been training since the young age of sixteen. His 32 years of experience have allowed  him to develop precise exercise techniques that enable his clients to focus and improve on any  muscle group.






 Yordan Vizcaino

 Yordan's expertise focus on developing fast and accurate exercise technique and include diet  consulting, weight reduction, and mucle toning. He has also placed 3rd in NPC's 2013 Men's Physique division.








sealy cruz

 Sealys Cruz

 As a bodybuilder, "Cruz" has earned several competitions, including the National Physique Committee's  (NPC) 2010 Novice Lightweight championships (1st place), NPC's 2010 Open Lightweight (1st place),  NPC's 2012 Men's Open Welterweight (3rd place), and NPC's 2013 Men's Open Middleweight (1st  place).